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We are High Horizon Gardens

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Cody Miles

Our journey came full circle in 2018 when we moved back to Havre, Montana.  Moving back to our home town, out to the family farm, was a no brainer. 

We began growing and selling produce in Wyoming in 2016.  Being born and raised in Big Sky Country, our previous career paths landed us in the Cowboy State for a few years. 

Our adventure began humbly with the planting of a single seed and some inspiration.  Through many trials and tribulations we realized we loved what we were doing; although it is a lot of hard work for little reward.

We transitioned from soil growing to the cleaner hydroponic methods we use today.  Our vision was to move back to Montana and provide year round produce.  Growing up in North Central Montana, we knew the struggles of finding fresh produce in the middle of winter and believed we could help.

We aspire to provide fresh, locally grown produce to Havre and the surrounding Hi-Line.  Our lettuce is grown hydroponically along with our multiple herb varieties.

Our lettuce can be found in most restaurants in Havre and some as far as Great Falls.  We love being able to provide healthy, locally grown vegetables to rural communities.  Whether we are working with the water or cultivating the soil, be assured we put our hearts and souls into the work we do.

We hope to keep expanding our produce lines and varieties with the seasons. 

If you would like to sign up for our weekly deliveries please call 406-390-3998 and we can get you added to our routes. 

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Aricka Turner

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