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Fresh. Locally Grown.

Hydroponic "Living" Produce

Hydroponic plants are grown year-round through the use of soilless seed germination.  Nutrients feed the plant's roots directly and evenly while using 90% less water than traditional farming.  

The nutrients and water, combined with proper light, temperature and humidity creates the perfect environment for our produce to grow faster than traditional methods. 

New Grow On Gear

Since my very first experience in a greenhouse I have been taught a value to being in the Ag industry, "It's a lot of work for little reward."  Even after our greenhouse collapsed in '18, we had to GROW ON. The pandemic hit, we had to GROW ON. As a grower, I've come to find it doesn't matter what we grow, wheat, lettuce, limes, lentils, organic, or conventional. We are a team of growers, GROW ON. It's our food.  If you're proud of what you do in Ag join us in getting the word out or follow Grow On Gear on Facebook.

Our Story

What started out as a passion for growing garden fresh produce, turned into a desire to bring an amazing, locally grown product to the areas in and around the Montana Hi-Line.

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